Spinal Alignment

Proper spinal alignment is necessary for mind and body recuperation. An ergonomic designed mattress inspires good sleeping posture. We have partnered with your chiropractor to create a line up of hybrid mattresses containing the highest quality individualized pocket coil system paired with state of the art Serene foam.

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State of the Art Technology

Memory foam was industry standard for higher end beds.  It contours to the body helping to alleviate pressure points, but has some drawbacks such as sleeping hot, sinking, and degrading over time. Memory foam is obsolete and Serene foam is taking over.

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White Glove Delivery and Unparallel Service

We want to make it easy on your back and wallet, so we offer free delivery, setup and disposal of your old mattress. We also provide a mattress protector at no additional charge. Every mattress comes with a 30 day comfort guarantee and a 10 year, best in class warranty.

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Since 1993

Our Philosophy

We understand how difficult it can be choosing the right mattress.  You could end up spending thousands of dollars on something that isn't as comfortable or supportive as what you need.  We have made it simple.  We developed mattresses based on numerous chiropractors opinions.  In fact, we spoke with your personal chiropractor.

Quality matters. We use only the highest quality materials in each of our hand crafted mattresses.  When we say 10 year warranty, we mean it.  The mattress only needs to be free of stains.  That's why we include a free breathable mattress protector with every purchase.

Our goal is help you get the best nights sleep that is possible.  If you find that your mattress is too firm or too soft we will replace the mattress with something that is more fitting to your needs.  We call it the 30 day comfort guarantee.

Say goodbye to the hassle and high prices associated with finding a quality mattress.  Our mattresses are handcrafted in Dallas, TX.  We have created a streamlined process that will save your back and budget.